Life Story of Mirabai


In this article we will know Life Story of Mirabai.

Mirabai was born in Rajasthan. Life story of Mirabai gives us knowledge about many things.

Life story of Mirabai

As we all know Mirabai was a great devotee of Krishna ji. Today we will tell you about Mirabai. Mirabai’s life was full of struggles but she was always lost in devotion to Krishna.

Mirabai’s birth

Mirabai Ka was born in 1498 AD in the village of Chaukdi near Merta in Rajasthan. Mirabai lived with her grandfather. Her grandfather’s name was Rao Duda.

Mirabai’s mother had passed away. Mirabai’s grandfather was a very religious person.

Mirabai did her early education while staying at her grandfather’s place. Life of Mirabai was full of difficulties since childhood. That’s why life story of Mirabai teaches us a lot.

Life story of Mirabai teaches us that no matter what situation you are in. We should always keep chanting the name of God. Mirabai used to worship Krishna since childhood and chant the name of Hari all the time.

Mirabai’s grandfather had organized the Bhagwat(Krishna stories taught to people) when Meerabai was in her mother’s womb. Then Mirabai had listened to the Bhagwat story for 7 days while in the womb, as we have told that Mirabai’s grandfather was a very religious person. Always used to go for Bhagwat.

Life story of Mirabai

Mirabai’s journey of devotion

Once he also took Mirabai ji with him. At that time Mirabai ji was 5 years old. Mirabai ji was such a great devotee of God that she started crying while listening to the story. As soon as the story was over, the pundit sitting there asked, If anyone wants to ask anything, I am here.

You can ask your own question. Nobody asked anything and started going to their respective homes. Panditji also started leaving. Then Mirabai started following him. When Pandit ji looked back, there was a 5 year old little girl behind who was Mirabai.

Mirabai says I want to ask you something. Pandit thought it was a small girl. What would she ask, but Mirabai asked when I would meet Shri Krishna. I cannot live without Shri Krishna. Mirabai was saying all this while weeping.

Hearing this, the Pandit also started crying that I do stories for so many years. Why didn’t I think that when God will meet.Attempts were made to poison Mirabai many times. Considering it as God’s prasad, Mirabai used to drink it.

Mirabai’s marriage

Mirabai was married at the age of 13. Her marriage was concluded in 1516 AD with the crown prince of Udaipur, Maharana Sanga. Mirabai’s husband’s name was Bhojraj. After a few years of marriage, her husband passed away.

Thus she became a widow at a very young age. It is said that on the death of her husband, the wife also had to do sati along with her husband. Attempts were made to harm Mirabai as well, but she was not at all ready for it.

Mirabai used to worship God by visiting temples. The in-laws did not like Mirabai’s dance in Krishna Bhakti, so she had to deal with struggles.

Life story of Mirabai teaches us that we should always meditate on the name of God.

deep love for lord krishna

Several attempts were made to kill Mirabai. Poison was mixed many times in her food.

But one who is a true devotee of Krishna, what can harm them.

Mirabai took everything as krishna’s blessings. She knew that it was poison but Krishna’s name was attached to her.

When her in-laws started harassing her a lot, she returned to her maternal home.

Life story of Mirabai

Mirabai’s Arrival in Vrindavan

It is said that later Merta had collapsed. When Merta had collapsed. She came to Vrindavan where she met Roop Goswami. After that she stayed in Vrindavan for a few years and did devotion for Shri Krishna, after that she went to the city of Dwarka.

How did Mirabai die?

It is said that Mirabai died in 1560 AD. Lord Shri Krishna had immersed Meera in his idol. Thus it can be said that she never died. She completed her karma and went to Krishna’s lotus feet.

Mirabai’s compositions

There are four major compositions of Mirabai ji.

Geet Govind Tika

Raag Govind

Raag Sorath

Narsi Ka Myra

Lord Krishna’s grace on Mirabai

When Mirabai was poisoned, Lord Krishna came and helped her. Once the lion was sent, it turned into Lord Narasimha. Once snakes were sent on the basket, they became Shaligrams.

Facts related to Mirabai

Mirabai was born as a princess. She was a princess since childhood.

Mirabai’s father died while fighting with Akbar’s army.

Mirabai considered Lord Krishna as her husband.

Mirabai was a gopi from Vrindavan in her previous birth who was in love with Lord Krishna. She was married to a gopa but in spite of that she loved Krishna.

After marriage, her love for Krishna did not diminish. When her mother-in-law came to know about this, she was locked in the room, she gave up her life because of the yearning to meet Krishna.

Mirabai’s precious words

Payo ji payo main Ram ratan dhan payo. (I got Welath in the name of Ram)

mero to giridhar gopal dusra na koi(only Krishna is mine no one else.)

Mirabai was a princess. She could have lived a comfortable life if she wanted, but she believes that there is no greater wealth than Rama. Ram is everything. She used to say that I have Girdhar Gopal i.e. Shri Krishna. There is no other.

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