Mind blowing facts on Sanskrit Language

In this article we will know some mind blowing facts on Sanskrit Language.

The history of Sanskrit language is centuries old, it is believed that after the decline of the ancient Harappan civilization, the Sanskrit language emerged.

The rise of Sanskrit language took place in the ancient Rigvedic period because in this period the ancient texts of the world Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda, Arthaveda were written and the oldest of these Vedas is Rigveda which was written in Sanskrit language.

The ancient sages who wrote these Vedas were Aryans, that is why this period is also called the Aryan period and Sanskrit language is called the language of the Aryans.

The history of Sanskrit language is more than 5000 years old and Sanskrit itself has the status of being the first complete language of the world.

Mind blowing facts on Sanskrit language

1.Sanskrit language has come from the Indian subcontinent and Sanskrit has been read, written by the world, it has got the status of the first language.

2. According to the scholars, the Sanskrit language has been considered as the language of the Indo-Aryan family.

3. The development of Sanskrit has taken place in two phases, one is the Vedic Sanskrit, in which our Vedas, Dharmashastra, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads etc. have been written and secondly the Sanskrit composed by Panini, in which many supernatural texts like Abhigyan, Shakuntalam, Patanjali etc. have been written.

4. The form of Sanskrit being read and written at present is based on Panini’s grammar.

5. All the texts related to Hinduism are written in Sanskrit language and Yagyas, rituals etc. are also done in Sanskrit language.

6. According to the research of scholars, the influence of Sanskrit language directly and indirectly is on about 98% of the world’s languages.

7. The origin of many languages ​​of India is based on Sanskrit.

8. Sanskrit language is full of synonyms. There are more than 100 synonyms of a word in Sanskrit language, which includes many words like elephant, horse etc.

9. Research has found that reading Sanskrit language increases memory power.

10. NASA scientists found in research that computer programming can be simplified by using Sanskrit language and by using this language, the possibility of any kind of error in computer programming is eliminated.

11. According to a University of America, speaking in Sanskrit language keeps the nerves of the human body active, which gives relief from diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure.

12. Sanskrit has influence on more than 98% of the languages ​​of the world, that is, Sanskrit is the mother of these languages.

13. The grammar of Sanskrit language is complete, effective and error free.

14. Sanskrit language has the largest number of dictionaries among all the languages ​​of the world. There are about 102 billion 78 crore 50 lakh words in Sanskrit, which is the highest among all languages.

15. Sanskrit is the only language in the world whose meaning does not change due to change in the order of words.

16. Sanskrit is also known by names like Devvani, Surbharti etc.

Mind blowing facts on Sanskrit language

17. NASA’s famous scientist Rick Brix once said that Sanskrit is the only clear language among the languages ​​of the whole world.

18. Sanskrit has the status of second official language in Uttarakhand.

19. Our national motto ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is also in Sanskrit, it means ‘Truth will prevail.

20. Sanskrit is the only language of about 1700 people of Nepal.

21. At present, the craze for learning Sanskrit among the people of Germany has increased, Sanskrit is being taught in about 14 universities in Germany.

22. According to NASA scientists, when he used to send messages to astronauts in space, their sentences were reversed, to solve this problem, they used many languages, but this problem came in all languages. I sent a message which was easily read by the astronauts because Sanskrit sentences do not change their meaning even when they are reversed. His problem was solved through Sanskrit language.

23. Research by Germany State University found that among all the annual calendars at present, the Hindu calendar is the most influential because the new year in this calendar begins with the geological change of the solar system.

24. America is making the next generation of supercomputers through Sanskrit programming, which will increase the computing power of supercomputers manifold.

25. All the people of Mathur village of Karnataka still use Sanskrit to communicate.

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