Why do we circumambulate(Pradkishna) the temples.

In today’s article we will know why do we circumambulate(Pradkshina) the temples.

In Hindu worship system, there is a law to circumambulate the deity. That is why parikrama paths are made in temples. Apart from other auspicious symbol trees including Peepal, Ashwattha, Tulsi, not only the deities, the circumambulation of Narmada, Ganga etc. is also done because in Sanatan Dharma.

Why do we circumambulate(Pradkishna) the temples.

Beacuse Nature is also considered as God in sanatan dharma. Let us know why parikrama is necessary, how many parikramas of which deity should be done, what is its importance and what should be kept in mind while doing parikrama.

People say that circumambulation is necessary, but have you ever wondered why? Parikrama, which is called Pradakshina in Sanskrit, is considered a means of worshiping the Lord. Detailed information about Pradakshina is found in Rigveda.

According to the Rigveda, the word Pradakshina is divided into two parts, Pra and Dakshina. In this word, Pra means to move forward and Dakshina means one of the four directions to the south, that is, parikrama means worshiping the deities while moving towards the south.

During this circumambulation, the Lord sits on our right side in the sanctum. But here the important question arises that why the rule has been made to do Pradakshina in the south direction only?

circumambulation in south direction

It is believed that the circumambulation is always done in the clockwise direction, only then we move towards the south. Here there is also a significance of circumambulating in the clockwise direction. According to Hindu beliefs, God is always present in the middle. This place provides the experience of God in center.

This middle space always remains the same and if we walk in a circular direction from this place then the difference between us and God remains the same. This distance neither increases nor decreases. Due to this man does not even feel that he is away from God and the feeling remains in him that the Lord is around him.

benefits of circumambulation

Even though you might be doing Parikrama, but you hardly know the spiritual and physical benefits that it brings.

Our health also benefits by doing parikrama. Although we believe that the environment of every religious place is very pleasant.

But scientists also have understood and explained this thing in great detail. According to them, every religious place has some special kind of energy. This energy is generated by chanting mantras and religious teachings. This is the reason why visiting any religious place gives peace of mind.

The benefit of parikrama is also related to this fact. Whoever circumambulates a religious place, he gets the positive energy present there. This energy gives us the strength to move forward in life.

circumambulation should be done how many times?

Some rules have been made for circumambulation. It is important to know how the circumambulation should be done, how many times it should be done. Only then the circumambulation done by you will prove fruitful.

Here we will give you information about how many times the parikrama of the deity should be done. The circumambulation of any form of Adi Shakti, Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi, Maa Saraswati, Maa Parvati, etc., in any form, should be done only once. One should do four rounds of Lord Vishnu and all his incarnations. There is a law to do three rounds of Ganesha and Hanumanji. Half circumambulation of Shiva should be done, because it is considered inauspicious to cross the stream of Shiva’s consecration.

Why do we circumambulate(Pradkishna) the temples.

Keep these things in mind during circumambulation

Now You know how many times you should do the circumambulation, but while doing the circumambulation, keep some things in mind. Because the mistakes made during this can spoil your parikrama. It can defeat your purpose of circumambulating. You should chant the mantras of whichever deity you are circumambulating.

You will get more benefit from this. While circumambulating the Lord, there should not be any emotion like evil, anger, tension in the mind. Parikrama itself calms your mind, but even before that you have to calm yourself down.

Keep one thing in mind, always do the parikrama barefoot. Parikrama is a sacred act according to the scriptures, so it should not be impure by wearing slippers on the feet. One should not talk while circumambulating. Walk around with a calm mind. If you wear a garland of Tulsi, Rudraksh etc. while doing the circumambulation, it is very auspicious.

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